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Jimmy Choo ‘Man’: A Fragrance For Cocky Rebels

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No longer just the man behind your girlfriend’s sky high stilettos, Jimmy Choo now offers ‘Man’, a fragrance for cocky high rollers with a rebellious sense of humour.

The Jimmy Choo Man is freshly showered, sharp and in a brand new car. He has ‘innate confidence, touches of rock ‘n’ roll expression and a hint of a 1960s Mayfair playboy’.

Jimmy Choo Man enters the nose and sits firmly at the back of throat. Top notes of mandarin, pineapple and honeydew melon are tacky to begin with, but this crisp vivacity soon gives way to subtle geranium, patchouli and an amber-based woodiness, keeping it masculine and ever so strong.

Classic in black and chrome, the fragrance‘s bottle was inspired by an antique hip flask and is encased within a sultry grey embossed snakeskin box. Sexy? Maybe. Sleazy? A little.

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