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10 Male Celebrities Who Never Age

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1 of 10|Denzel Washington|80s vs. 2014
2 of 10|Enrique Inglesias|90s vs. 2011
3 of 10|Jamie Foxx|90s vs. 2014
4 of 10|Jared Leto|90s vs. 2014
5 of 10|John Cho|2003 vs. 2012
6 of 10|Michael Jordan|90s vs. 2012
7 of 10|Samuel L. Jackson|90s vs. 2014
8 of 10|Taye Diggs|2004 vs. 2013
9 of 10|Tobey Maguire|90s vs. 2013
10 of 10|Chuck Norris|80s vs. 2015

Celebrities have access to the best of everything – from stylists to skincare pros to pricey grooming products – but no amount of money explains why some stars just don’t age.

A lucky batch of time-defying celebs look exactly the same now as they did when they first hit the scene. Some even seem to be Benjamin Button-ing their way to better looks. Have they found the fountain of youth? Made three wisely selected wishes with a genie? Stashed portraits in their attics?

These 10 famous men (and their flawless faces) are definitive proof that age is just a number. Whether it’s sorcery or just good genes, they’re clearly doing something right.


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