8 Masculine Colours To Redefine Your Man Cave

Here’s our top pick of colours you need to be fearlessly diving into this year, as predicted by the colour connoisseurs, Pantone.


2016 sees a year that is strongly influenced by the convergence of a global community, the world of art and the desire to temporarily disconnect from the strains of technology.

This season we see a range of calming colours, however, there is also a selection of contrasting vibrant colours that bring elements of exploration, positivity and excitement.

“Colours this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves” – Leatrice Eiseman (E.D. of Pantone Colour Institute).

If you haven’t heard about it already, a unisex colour palette this year see’s the blurring of lines in both cultural and gender norms. So, get ready to explore something a little different.

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#1 Limpet Shell


Limpet Shell possesses a clarity reminiscent of weatherboard beach shacks and tranquil clear waters. This colour can be applied in a casual way or even incorporated into more of a luxurious setting, as seen in these interiors above. If you’re looking to freshen up your interior, pair it with a generous amount of crisp white and be prepared to feel fully renewed- perfect for the new year!

#2 Rose Quartz

Photo by Carolyn Coles

We’d love to see you give a crack at something different. You’re no longer in pre-school, so nobody should be assuming you’re a boy who needs only blue. Adding this lighthearted pink into your life can really push your interior into a whole new level of wow. Test the waters by applying it through modern photography and artworks. For a very contemporary look, pair this colour next to calcutta marble homewares. Contradicting and contrasting masculinity with Rose Quartz can make an incredibly powerful statement. This is indefinitely a colour we are most excited about seeing this year. Challenge accepted?

#3 Green Flash


With a great vibrance, Green Flash is about brining nature right on into our urban environment. Break free from confinement and introduce this colour in a graphic and bold pattern, this will create a sense of excitement and energy in your interior. Think rugs, artworks and soft furnishings.

#4 Snorkel Blue


Still sitting within the Navy family, we have a slightly more energetic blue that is eye catching yet also calming. Taken from the uniforms of Sailors in the British Royal Navy, Navy possesses an element of structure and reliability. This colour is great for an office, bedroom and even dining room.

#5 Fiesta


A fiery red sets the tone with a shot of encouraged determination and strength. Perfect for the strong-willed man or a man who’s looking for a bit of power. Whip this colour into your interior in hard and thoughtful pops.

#6 Iced Coffee


Reliable and grounding, this neutral keeps on keeping on. Iced Coffee looks great in timber and leather pieces. Iced Coffee has a very smooth and soft feeling about it and can be used in the living/lounge and bedroom.

#7 Buttercup


Stay Happy, Buttercup! “A shining beacon transporting its user to a happier, sunnier place”. We recommend introducing it into your interior via furnishings, but if your brave, you can play with it in a slightly larger expanse. Just be sure to notice how the white timber panelling and decorative ceiling moulds as seen in the above interior balance and help the colour pop. Remember that used sparingly, you will have a more successful and powerful impact.

#8 Lilac Grey


Like they say, grey is timeless, so expect to see and use a lot more of it. With a subtle lilac undertone, this neutral grey looks fantastic paired next to many of the other colours in this year’s forecast. Grey’s have the ability to transform any space and just like a chameleon, this colour works with any style- we promise.

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