How To Get Michael B. Jordan's Style

When you share the same name with one of the world’s greatest basketballers you need something to really set yourself apart. A ‘B’ just won’t cut it. Style? That’s a whole other ball game.

Luckily for Michael B. Jordan, he’s got one hell of a wardrobe to back up his acting chops. Besides all the hype surrounding his biggest role yet starring alongside Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa’s Creed, Jordan’s biggest win off the silverscreen is his impeccable attention to detail in the style department. Finely tailored suits fit for a rising celebrity, exquisite accessories and flawless execution through confidence allows this 28-year-old to show Hollywood what he’s made of.

With an unabashedly youthful appeal, Jordan tends to give off positive energy both in person and in the clothes he prefers to rock. Today we’re showing you how to score his finest suit looks (not his Fantastic Four fire suit) as well as his more causal, streetwear style. Round 1.

Breaking It Down


Jordan is a young up and comer to the style game. That doesn’t mean he’s bad at it. Far from it in fact. With an endless rotation of film premieres and promos to attend, Jordan sees to it that he has the threads and stylist to match. Weapon of choice: exquisitely slim tailored suits in daring colours and prints. This goes for his tuxedos as well. A tux for Jordan isn’t just a tux. It’s a statement piece he uses to his advantage which commands attention without looking too gaudy.

Off duty on the streets, you’d think Jordan was a student of a privileged Upper East Side school. Classic, preppy, yet again with a youthful streak. It’s quite refreshing compared to many other young Hollywood stars of the moment who tend to wear snapbacks and drabby longline shirts. When the event is less formal, Jordan opts to drop the tie game for lighter coloured suits paired with cool printed dress shirts and matching pocket squares.

Novice? We think not. This is one new kid on the block who the older guys need to keep an eye on.

Formal Fighter


When the red carpet calls, Jordan shows up polished in his most immaculate wares. Every piece is tailored to his slim athletic frame but one common theme runs throughout – a degree of flashiness. Jordan likes to go the unconventional route when running the celebrity circuit.

As a result, he rocks colours such as windowpane marsala, dark jade green and black suits with chrome highlights (check out those shoes). These are not easy colours to pull off and can go horribly wrong if the fitment or occasion is wrong. When following Jordan’s formal looks, be careful to keep things consistent. With a dark marsala suit, you need dark brown shoes paired with a maroon tie, tie clip and white shirt for contrast.

Same rules apply for the black suit and tux. Consistency throughout each look is key, from bow ties right down to the watch and shoes. The suits should standout and not clash with anything else you have on otherwise you’ll look like a walking accident.

Tailored Perfection


For a more laid back approach to the red carpet, Jordan again takes his penchant for standing out with loud colours. This works well for his age and the fact that he always looks happy in public. A light suit colour blocked with a black printed dress shirt is textbook stuff, but what really elevates Jordan’s look is his package. In other words, fitment, pocket square selection and dress shoe colour are all contributors to this fine look.

Hitting up the colour spectrum, Jordan bravely walks out in dark green, subdued only by a skinny blue tie and tie clip for added detail. It’s a standout look without standing out like a sore thumb. When Jordan drops the tie with a washed blue suit he likes to keep things clean: shirts remain buttoned up, blazer sleeve lengths are cut tidy and shoes are always polished. See what we mean by package?


Wear your colours right and they’ll reward you dearly. And make you look younger at the same time.

Street Kings


Just because Jordan is a star in the suiting arena, doesn’t mean he lets his streetwear game flail. Stepping out for weekend duties will see Jordan donning designer streetwear shirts with intricate prints teamed with jeans or chinos. Jordans, Timberlands or other leather boots are also a favourite of his when it comes to off duty style.


During Winter, Jordan plays up the preppy schoolboy look with absolute class. Charcoal trousers teamed with a navy coat and tie make him less Wall Street and more Jump Street. If you’re going for this look, make sure to throw on a pair of sunnies and a vintage leather backpack to round out the cool ensemble.

Easy knockout.

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