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10 Movies That Had Embarrassingly Bad Special Effects Scenes

This story was originally published on Gizmodo

When you go see a big blockbuster movie that’s been heavily done over in CG, you’re not exactly expecting reality. But you also don’t want to see huge visual effect gaffes that make you laugh at the ridiculousness of it either.

Whether it’s bad practical effects like the dummy in The Fugitive or if it’s terrible vfx like in The Mummy Returns, seeing scenes with terrible effects totally removes you from the movie you’re watching and turns everything into a joke.

The list, according to Screen Rant:

  1. The Mummy Returns’ Scorpion King
  2. Star Trek Insurrection’s Face Stretching
  3. Star Wars’ Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt scene
  4. King Kong’s Dinosaur Chase Scene
  5. Robocop’s Weird Limbs scene
  6. Blade II’s CG Wesley Snipes
  7. The Fugitive’s Falling Dummy
  8. Escape From L.A.’s Surf scene
  9. Jaws 3D’s slow motion shark scene
  10. Star Wars Attack Of The Clones’ clone troopers

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By Casey Chan – Gizmodo.


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