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ODO Denim Is Making Jeans You Don’t Have To Wash For Months


Denim. Comfortable, versatile and a tried and tested staple of our 21st-century wardrobe, but a bitch to clean. You live in your jeans but washing them can be a nightmare. Water and washing powder interferes with indigo dye, muddies those coveted wear-marks and more often than not colours the rest of your load a putrid hue.

The denimheads at ODO denim have come up with a solution by inventing jeans that never stink or stain, no matter how often you wear them. ODO’s patent pending fabric is infused with silver thread which reduces the contact between stain-causing materials and the surface of the fabric. Liquids, including sweat, simply roll off the fabric’s surface without being absorbed.


If you’re finding this all a little hard to believe, check out the company’s video below which shows their denim repelling everything from honey to water, coffee and red wine.

ODO Denim’s Kickstarter video claims the jeans can go months unwashed, but also challenges customers, stating if they can get these jeans to smell bad within a year, ODO will send them a new pair for free.

The company’s Kickstarter campaign has already clocked up over $170,000 in funds with only 18 days to go. Grubs of the world, watch this space.


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