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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #61

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1 of 8|Inception Coffee Table
2 of 8|Soldier Print By Alessandro Pautasso
3 of 8|Tesla Suit
4 of 8|Tipron Projection Robot
5 of 8|Sol Republic Shadow Wireless Earphones
6 of 8|Deus Ex Machina Firefly
7 of 8|Casio Outdoor Smartwatch
8 of 8|Smokey and the Bandit 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

It’s the new year and with that brings a host of the most kick-ass gadgets and cool gear currently making waves in the world. It’s an extended list this week as the holiday and new year brought in an influx of the good stuff you definitely need in your man cave.

From an Inception-inspired coffee table to a Tesla suit, it’s time to grow more limbs to sell in 2016. You’ll be a poor man – but a happy man.

#1 Inception Coffee Table

Created by Cyprus-based designer and model maker Stelios Mousarris, the Wave City Coffee Table is more work of art than a functional piece of furniture. It’s made with a combination of wood, steel and 3D printing technology for a result that’s as complicated as the film’s ending.
Price: €5000/BUY


#2 Soldier Print By Alessandro Pautasso

Art meets space in this very cool designer print by Alessandro Pautasso. Taking the stark black and white silhouette of the iconic Stormtrooper and splashing it with a good dose of fluoro makes for one piece of kick-ass art. Only 50 images will be printed so be quick.
Price: $37/BUY

#3 Tesla Suit

Tesla is taking virtual reality to brave new places with their new Tesla Suit on Kickstarter. The space-aged looking garment exceeds the conventional virtual reality experience of sight and sound by adding a sense of touch to create ultra realistic environments. The suit uses an electro-tactile haptic feedback system embedded within the clothing to allow the wearer to feel objects inside the virtual environment. Two models, Pioneer or Prodigy, are offered to give different levels of realism via 16 or 52 feedback channels. Do you even know what the Matrix is, punk?
Price: +$1,800/BUY

#4 Tipron Projection Robot

Put away your cinematic projection rooms. They were so 2015. 2016 is all about a robot which can roll itself into in any room you please and project a film on a wall with a robotic arm. The result is a viewing area up to 80-inches wide on any wall or ceiling your heart desires. The projector eye sits on the transforming body which can automatically adjust roll pitch and yaw to give you the sharpest viewing window. If you’re outdoors, the Tipron also features a built-in speaker, Wi-Fi, a HDMI input, a 5 megapixel video/still camera, and most importantly, sensors to prevent it from crashing into things. It’s like having a friendly Skynet in your house.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#5 Sol Republic Shadow Wireless Earphones

The Sol Republic Shadow is one surprising little package. Given that it’s a wireless Bluetooth set of earphones, the sound quality is exceptionally good. The bass response is particularly nice as is the sharp treble for single driver units. Sol Republic market these as a pair of earphones you don’t know you’re wearing and it’s almost true. It’s light enough not to impede on daily activities but you do know it’s there as it sits around your neck – comfortably we might add. The soft rubber encasing also ensures its sweat and workout-proof. Not a bad unit at all.
Price: $180/BUY

#6 Deus Ex Machina Firefly

Deus Ex Machina is going to cool new places and one of their latest branches, Japan, has turned this 1961 Honda Super Cub into a tiny vintage racer with Martini Racing inspired colours. The engine’s output has been increased by 20% whilst the frame gets a custom made monocoque body and adjustable racing shocks. Way too cool for school.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#7 Casio Outdoor Smartwatch

Casio have finally ventured into smartwatch territory with their super rugged outdoor smartwatch. Powered by Android Wear, the new Casio smartwatch takes inspiration from the proven G-Shock line and utilises a case tested to United States military standard MIL-STD-810 for shock and vibration. Water resistance is set at 50 metres whilst apps for wilderness trekking, cycling, fishing, and activity monitoring can take full advantage of air pressure, accelerometer, gyrometer, and compass sensors. The boffins in Japan have even considered battery life where by if it’s running low, the the dual-layer display can switch from the full-featured colour LCD to a watch-only monochrome display with a run time of a month. Casio is definitely back. Now make a calculator version.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#8 Smokey and the Bandit 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

Fancy yourself a heritage set of wheels from the silverscreen? Buy yourself the Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit and be Burt Reynolds. This particular Firebird served life as a promo car, hence its exceptional condition. It retains the original 400 cubic-inch TA 6.6 engine and a 3-speed Turbo-Hydramatic transmission. It’s the real deal too as the sale comes with a Universal Studios certificate with the VIN listed, a plaque from GM, maps with scene locations, original studio press kits, an original script of the film, and a title signed by the film’s lead, Burt Reynolds.
Price: $TBA/BUY


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