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Singapore Apartment Is Black And Blue And Bold All Over

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Studio Wills + Architects prove that going bold with colour pays off. Untitled #7 is a 2-storey apartment renovation in Singapore that doesn’t shy away from statement-making hues.

The original pared-down interior stood in stark contrast to its neighborhood – an eclectic mix of shophouses sporting multiple colours, materials, textures and ornaments. Studio Wills + Architects took that environment and brought it indoors with a unique strategy. The design scheme was divided into two ‘boxes,’ one blue and the other black, that were then strategically inserted within the original interior.

The result is a space that combines the “before” with the “after.” In some ways, it retains the simplicity of the initial interior. Clean lines, right angles, minimalist furniture and plenty of airy white create a sense of modernity and the illusion of space. On the other hand, the fearless colour palate of blues and blacks is much better paired with the colourful, diverse world outside the front door.


The blue box? That’s the kitchen, with cabinets painted to seamlessly blend with the walls and a concealed study area. The black box can be found in the bedroom, serving as both headboard and storage space. The multifunctional piece hides a walk-in wardrobe and vanity.


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