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Watch A Paraglider’s Breathtaking Flight Through The Aurora Borealis

Seeing the Aurora Borealis is a bucket list goal for many. But when you’re Horacio Llorens, experiencing the majesty of the Northern Lights from terra firma doesn’t cut it. Instead the pioneer of aerobatic paragliding took to the skies, battling fierce negative temperatures on the ground in Norway, to dance amongst the Aurora’s ethereal green waves.

Completing the mission was no easy feat. Llorens had to don a wetsuit and battery-heated gloves to combat the freezing temperatures, and receive permission from the government to perform the stunt. Paramotor chassis company Kangook and motorcycle engine builder Polini provided his Thor200 paramotor. The final piece of the flight puzzle was battery-powered spotlights to light up Llorens’ rig against the night sky.

Red Bull came along to capture the action and the result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind take on the Aurora Borealis. Read more about the project here and watch the video above.


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