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You Could Score $90K Working At Burning Man For The US Government


Love a bit of radical self-expression and fiery wooden effigies? You could make a cool $90K working for the US Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management as a full-time project manager at the annual Black Rock City festival Burning Man.

Burning Man’s job description explains that the prospective candidate can expect to make anywhere between US $69K and $90K based in the agency’s Winnemucca, Nevada office.

“The job involves prolonged hours of sitting at a desk and working on a computer in an office environment. It also involves extensive travel by vehicle and airplane. The work environment varies from an office setting where the incumbent is in contact with work associates, to a field setting where the incumbent is working alone, in a group, in extremely remote and adverse situations.”

We’re assuming this is code for sex, music, art, drugs, glitter and sand?

[via Thrillist]



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