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Melbourne’s 124 Shoes Officially Lands In Sydney

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Men’s shoe stores are commonplace in Australia’s major cities but one popular establishment hailing from Melbourne wants to do things a bit differently.

Opening in Sydney at the end of last year, 124 Shoes is a retail concept as much as it is a retailer of fine European footwear. It works by importing a very limited range of shoes between a range of select sizes – that is, one pair for every stipulated size.

Once that size sells out, that model of shoe in the same size will no longer be brought in. This unconventional process ensures that the buyer not only receives a quality piece of handmade footwear, but also the peace of mind that you’ll be always be one in a handful as an owner of those shoes.


Anthony Barbieri who is the co-founder of 124 Shoes explained that the brand prefers to maintain a broader collection as opposed to following current trends.

“We’ve got everything from classics to derbys, from boots to chukkas, to trainers and loafers all season round.”

“It’s a complete offer and not so trend focused. Most of them are contemporary classics anyway, so we try to cover a broad spectrum of our looks.”

The shoes that 124 bring in are no doubt unique. With hand finished quality on every piece brought in from either Italy, Spain or England, you can expect the material finish to be right up there as well. Barbieri explains that this merger of hand construction and wildly exotic materials is what set them apart in Melbourne and became the store’s signature.

“We have different leathers and grades of hide. We use premium materials such as buffalo, horse, bison, deer and calf, which is our basic entry line material. That’s where we get the character in the hides and that’s where people relate to us.”

124 Shoes in Sydney is now open in The Galeries on George street.


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