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This Is How Your Adidas Shoes Will Be Made In The Future

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The Adidas Futurecraft 3D program is forging ahead with a new innovation called the Tailored Fibre prototype.

The creation is certainly impressive to watch in the video below, but more importantly is the diverse array of shoes which can be custom made for the wearer down to the finest detail.

Adidas says that the new Tailored Fibre technology is “a revolutionary manufacturing technique that enables unique footwear designs to be modified to the individual needs of any athlete.”

To further emphasise this point, Adidas have released a slick video showcasing the sneaker’s production at various stages before forming a beautiful prototype silhouette (which you cannot buy – unless your name begins with Kanye and ends in West).

Marvel at that rapidly fine weave work of the Primeknit upper and BOOST midsole in the video below.


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