All Hell Breaks Loose In First Trailer For ‘Kill Your Friends’

“Imagine you’re standing on wafer-thin ice. Beneath your feat you can see sharks, circling. These are your colleagues.” So begins the hectic first trailer for Kill Your Friends, the big-screen adaptation of John Niven’s cult favourite book of the same name.

Kill Your Friends stars Nicholas Hoult as an unhinged A&R man named Steven Stelfox. The dark comedy is set at the height of the ’90s Britpop explosion as the dissatisfied Stelfox — who is frequently compared to American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman — climbs the music industry career ladder by any means necessary. Young, handsome, ambitious, and murderous proves to be a dangerous combination.

Hoult stars alongside Rosanna Arquette, Craig Roberts, Ed Skrein, George King, and James Corden in this tale of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Kill Your Friends is due for release on April 1.

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