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10 Things People Need To Stop Doing On Instagram

Instagram. A world of wonder, amusement, plenty of ego, and even more clickbait. While the social media platform is a great place to connect with friends and stalk potential love interests, Instagram has a dark side where those hungry for followers and self-gratification go to play.

Here are our top 10 picks of things people need to stop doing on Instagram.

#1 Selfies


The humble selfie has, over the years, transitioned from a mentally sane way of taking the odd photograph of yourself, to a narcissist’s wet dream, only made worse by the fact you can now take one with a ‘stick’ and people like Kim Kardashian have published actual books on the phenomenon.

We don’t need to see 20 individual images of your face at slightly different angles to know how you look. One or two is fine, but let’s keep the self-love to a healthy minimum.


#2 Throw Back Thursday



If you’re partial to a cheeky #TBT post or 10, you’re living in the past and need a healthy dose of reality. No event was THAT interesting that we need to be reminded of it over, and over, and over again for weeks after the fact.

Please, put a stop to that broken record and if you insist on turning any other day of the week into a Throwback Thursday, e.g. Flashback Friday or Wayback Wednesday, go and have a long hard look at yourself.

#3 Baby Pictures


The overposting of baby pics is a two-pronged offense. Either you’ve been misguided into thinking your kid is the cutest, most talented and far more superior offspring of the Instagram world. OR, you insist on going H.A.M. posting pictures of your friends children. If you’re guilty of this we can only assume you’re itching to lock down a baby daddy, stat.

#4 Gym Videos



We get it, it’s leg day and you are obviously the bigger, stronger, better bloke for spending your Friday night pumping iron at the gym and downing a protein shake rather than a tequila shot.

But – if you insist on filling our Instagram feeds with 15-second clips of you squatting or lifting, you’re a bellend and need to step away from your phone immediately.

#5 Food Instagrams


Unless you’re eating a once-in-a-lifetime meal that was hand-crafted by Heston Blumenthal himself, then we most probably don’t need to see your birdseye table-top flat lay. What would be more amazing than seeing your sub-par foodie post? Knowing that you finished every last crumb on your plate without telling a soul. Shock, horror!

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#6 Overuse Of Hashtags


#blessed #grateful #yolo #thisisliving #follow4follow. Enough. We understand that you might want to grow your adoring fan base, but for heaven’s sake, ease up on those hashtags mate. You’re coming across a little desperate for those 15-seconds of Insta fame.

#7 Over Posting


So you’ve done it. You bought a one-way ticket to South America and you’re living everyone’s intrepid dreams of backpacking the world on a shoestring. Well done, but do we really need a play-by-play update of your trip every time we take a squiz at our newsfeeds? We think not. Keep your posting to 1-2 photos a day, max.

#8 Over Sharing



Whether you’re partying it up on a super yacht with Dan Bilzerian and 100 topless Playmates, or you’ve booked a holiday to Europe, we don’t always need to know where you’re going, what you’re doing, and who you’re doing it with. Keep a little mystery.

#9 Inspirational Quotes


While we acknowledge and sympathise with the fact you may have gone through some seriously heavy shit lately, please try to keep the inspo quotes to a minimum. By all means, follow your dreams, accept the things you cannot change, and believe that time heals all wounds, but do it in your journal, not in our newsfeeds.

#10 Too Many Memes


Ah, the old meme. Defined as “an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from period to period within a culture”, or an irritating and often tragic waste of prime Instagram real estate. We aren’t bothered by ‘that awkward moment when…’ or when ‘girls be like…’ So please, stop.


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