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Legendary Motorbike Racer Barry Sheene Is Getting His Own Film

Australian fans of motorsport will recognise Barry Sheene as the eccentric host of racing events during the late ’90s and early 2000s. Today that legend is getting his very own biopic on the big screen.

For those not so familiar with the name, Sheene’s story begins in the 1970s. Often credited as the James Hunt of motorcycle racing, Sheene was a World Champion rider during that era and merged his unstoppable riding talents with a charismatic playboy demeanour.

This was not surprising given he was also friends with James Hunt and Ringo Starr who all revelled in the past time of drinking and smoking heavily (Sheene had a hole drilled through the chin bar of his race helmet so that he could smoke right up to the race start).

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A number of spectacular crashes in his career also saw him left with a broken left thigh, right arm, collarbone, two ribs and two crushed legs. Sheene quickly earned himself the name of ‘Bionic Barry’ shortly after and continued to race.

The film based on the British ex-pat will be based on Steve Parrish and Nick Harris’ Barry: The Story of Motorcycling Legend Barry Sheene.

There’s no confirmation on the film’s release date and actors just yet but there is a tentative film teaser which appears rather irrelevant.

Let’s hope they get this one right.

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