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8 Thrilling Places Male Celebrities Go To Holiday

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1 of 9|Dubai|When Kevin Hart isn't making people laugh on the world stage with his zany sense of humour, he can be found lurking the rooftop bars and tiger sanctuaries of Dubai with his partner and close friend and rapper Ludacris. One memorable bar that punters can visit is the gorgeous Uptown Bar with slick lounges and breathtaking views of the city and coast.
2 of 9|Matterhorn|Music producer Mark Ronson recently hit the slopes with his mother for some relaxation time (what a good son). He got to experience everything from the stunning scenery to the fine food and wine of the Swiss alps region. One must-stay venue of Matterhorn is the Matterhorn Focus which sits at the bottom of the mountain to take in everything in style.
3 of 9|Saint Barthélemy|Leonardo DiCaprio needs no introduction to luxury getaways. Often found in the most secluded and exclusive corners of the Earth, one of Leo's most publicised and trips was his yacht party spent sailing around the immaculate blue waters of Saint Barthélemy. One of the must-visit places of the region is the capital of Gustavia, the small harbour town lined with chic boutiques, duty free shops, gourmet restaurants, and art galleries.
4 of 9|Byron Bay|Being a down-to-Earth Aussie affords Chris Hemsworth all the leisure he needs when he hits home soil in Byron Bay. It's little wonder he recently bought a million dollar residence there and made it his home base for his young family. When in Byron, be sure to check out Main Beach which is the town's most popular. It features its own shipwreck as well as close proximity to the town attractions.
5 of 9|Hawaii|Zac Efron is a serial offender when it comes to exploring Hawaii. Being close to the the Californian coast has a lot to do with it, but it's also the picturesque natural playground that gets the young actor coming back for more. When in Hawaii, head to the vast surrounding beaches but also remember that heading inland will lead you into some of the most beautiful and untouched lagoons teeming with waterfalls and native fauna. Efron tends to go bush with his buddies when in Hawaii so surely there's something special there that he knows about.
6 of 9|Rehoboth Beach|Dave Grohl is your everyday rocker with simple tastes. When he's not rocking stadium arenas, he's out with his family strolling the Eastern beach side town of Delaware. If you want to follow in the footsteps of a real rockstar, go during the warmer seasons between June and August and make sure to hit up the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk. It's classic Americana without the tackiness.
7 of 9|Rio Di Janeiro |Gerard Butler and Kellan Lutz together on the same beach? There's trouble. The boys took some time out of their schedule in the past to visit the festive city and to take in all the sights via sand and helicopter. When in Rio, do what Butler does - hit up Hotel Budweiser and take in all the sights and sounds of Copacabana Beach. Sleep? What is sleep?
8 of 9|The Maldives|Ryan Reynolds is not only a stylish guy, he also moonlights as a dedicated husband and loving father. You shouldn't be too surprised then that he took his wife Blake Lively to one of the world's most romantic and luxurious getaways in the Maldives. The resort island is a haven for private relaxation and beach views you can only see once in your life. The Viceroy is where the couple stayed and so should you. think of luxury on your own secluded island, multiply it ten fold, and you have the Viceroy.
9 of 9|Dominican Republic|We've left the most unique and dangerous celebrity spots for last. Rapper A$AP Rocky dropped by the region for his music video 'Wild for the Night' a while back and what it depicted was an urban jungle filled with children roaming the streets alongside machine-gun-toting stand over men. As a glaring contrast, the Caribbean nation also features some of the world's nicest beaches with white sand and warm crystal clear water. Be aware if you're going to travel to this region: 39 tourists have been murdered her in the past three years criminal acts on tourists are common. The local police are also said to be corrupt, taking bribes for certain incidents. Sound like your cup of tea? Make sure you bring your crew.

When it’s time for some R&R, no one does downtime better than the world’s biggest male celebrities. Regardless of whether you’re with family, your entourage or a partner, every one of these preferred star haunts are special for their very own reason.

Naturally there’s a bit of glitz and glamour thrown in but there’s also the left-of-field places we highly recommend you avoid for fear of your safety.

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Who said celebrities were boring during their down time? Follow the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Hart and Dave Grohl as we take you on some of their finest celebrity holidays and secret adventure spots.




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