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Watch Foolish Humans Bully Robots At Boston Dynamics

The end is nigh. Well if we keep pissing off the robot race like we are in this latest video from Boston Dynamics, then it will surely be a matter of time.

The advanced robotics research company based in the U.S have just released a new video which demonstrates the freaky capabilities of their revised Atlas humanoid robot. Look beyond the bulky torso and you’ll see a sophisticated machine which can maintain balance and agility through numerous real-world scenarios.

Knock him over, prod him with a stick, take away his prized box multiple times, trip him over and he’ll still come back for more human punishment. That is until the tables get turned…

In all seriousness though, the latest Atlas robot has shown off some very interesting updates. When the older robots fell over, they couldn’t pick themselves up. Operators would help the robot up, reset it and start it again from the very beginning of a set course.

This technical hurdles has all but been diminished with the new Atlas.

Skynet is coming, human fools. And they’ll be coming on motorbikes too.



The playbook for the modern man

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