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8 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [13.02.16]

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1 of 8| Derek Zoolander|Ben Stiller’s titular model alter-ego finally got his own Instagram account and it’s hilarious as hell. Watch Stiller/Zoolander parade with models and pop stars in the real world whilst poking fun at the very industry he’s championing. Hansel also joins in the selfie fun every now and then. - LINK
2 of 8|Jeremy Clarkson|They fired him from Top Gear but they can’t get rid of him on Instagram. Even though his feed is full of scenic pics and the occasional photo of himself in bed with Heston Blumenthal. Weirdly satisfying. And weirdly not many car related posts. - LINK
3 of 8|Hugh Jackman|The loved Aussie lives up to his reputation by showing the world exactly why he’s loved. Cool dad, always happy, welcoming to his fans, workout photos, throwback photos...and he’s Wolverine. Follow Hugh’s adventures where there’s often dogs involved. - LINK
4 of 8|Usher|Usher has been quiet on the music scene recently but that doesn’t mean he’s no longer around. Hit up his Instagram to see his adventures with fans, inspirational civil rights quotes and his workout regime. Nice and slow, boy. - LINK
5 of 8|Adam Levine|World renowned pop-rocker Adam Levine knows how to work a crowd. Or not. The Maroon 5 singer’s Instagram is a combination of everything the modern man will love - sneakers, tatts, star-studded collaboration selfies and general clowning around. Be warned: His FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect is strong. - LINK
6 of 8|Ed Helms|The Hangover star and comedian has a lot of powerful friends in his circle. He’s also a master at pulling ridiculous faces to make people laugh. When he’s not doing that, he’s posing with his endless rotation of comedic connections - in the same photo. - LINK
7 of 8|Jensen Button|F1 drivers can be boring. Not Button. As well as steering for McLaren, the Brit is also an avid health freak who takes on triathlons and road race events in his fully decked out race bikes. When he’s not doing that, he’s taking selfies with his Japanese model wife, photos of cool cars he’s spotted and where in the world he is on the F1 circuit. Again, FOMO warning. - LINK
8 of 8|Vin Diesel|The Fast and Furious star needs no introduction. Really, he has 17.4 million followers. When Vin isn’t leaking news of his upcoming projects, you can see him pumping iron for his upcoming projects. Other than that, you get an endearing insight into his dedicated family life and extreme sport escapades. A true man to aspire to - LINK

Gentlemanly purveyors of social media and social media stalking, it’s celebrity Instagrams time.

We’re going big this week with some of the globes mega stars showing off their daily grind in some of the funniest ways possible.

Ben Stiller goes into full character as Zoolander and joins Instagram, Jeremy Clarkson has been sleeping with the world’s best chef, Usher has been M.I.A working on his abs, Vin Diesel is redefining the meaning of baby seat and Adam Levine shows us how he really feels with one finger.

As usual, stop looking at burgers on Instagram – replace the loneliness with celebrity FOMO instead.


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