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8 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [20.02.16]

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1 of 8|Conor McGregor gives us an insight into his whirlwind life of UFC training, family, the spoils of fame and fortune and the occasional knockout photo. Follow this world renowned fighter on Instagram but don't get too close. - LINK
2 of 8|Fernando Alonso takes his little figure mascot with him all over the world when he races in Formula One. This year is no different and followers can expect more cool behind the scenes action from World Champion driver. - LINK
3 of 8|Ice Cube is the bad ass gone good guy you wish you knew. Look at him posing next to that pretty horse. Still looks like he could kill you, right? Besides his promo circuit for his latest films, see Ice Cube posing with friends, celebrities and Kevin Hart.
4 of 8|Tim Robards is fitspiration for men. You can always count on Tim to make you feel out of shape as he demonstrates his latest workout in the coolest locations. There's also coupley photos of him and his partner too. - LINK
5 of 8|We're convinced Iron Man actually plays Robert Downey Jr in the real world. Case in point when Tony Stark appears as a tiger to help cheer up little sick kids. Philanthropist, playboy...billionaire? Soon enough. He also takes selfies with his Avengers co-stars. - LINK
6 of 8|Lenny Kravitz is the rocker that just keeps on rocking. It's a monochrome affair with Kravitz engaging with some of the world's biggest artists and celebrities. If you've ever wondered how the old school do rock 'n' roll, follow Lenny. He'll teach you a thing or two. - LINK
7 of 8|Kevin Hart is the complete opposite to Ice Cube. He's the least intimidating guy you could come across and this photo of him with minions is proof. Follow Hart on his basketball adventures, training regime and comedic snippets from his stand up shows. - LINK
8 of 8|You know Vanilla Ice. Ice Ice Baby will live on in every man's mind. And now you can follow this '90s rap star on Instagram as he relives his iconic Ninja Turtles days. He does cool selfies with people like Adam Sandler and David Spade too. - LINK

Celebrities aren’t cool until they master hashtags and selfies on Instagram. And this week brings some of the finest old and new ones straight to your feed.

We’ve compiled fighters and fit guys like Conor McGregor and Tim Robards, rockers and rappers like Lenny Kravitz and Ice Cube, oddballs like Robert Downey Jr and Kevin Hart and of course, old school royalty like Vanilla Ice.

Word to your #mother.


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