CF8 Future Concept Is A Dreamer's Ultimate Superyacht

Concepts only live within the minds of those who don’t have the balls to build it. Wrong.

Sea Level Engineering is a boat making company based in Holland which has come up with the CF8 Future Concept, a superyacht which blows all convention of traditional yacht design out of the water. They call this particular design ethos the ‘Moon Shot’ – in other words it looks like a giant floating knife with a helipad. The intriguing part though lies in its potential for real world production.

With advanced composite materials which rival the strength of steel and weigh a significant amount less, companies like Sea Level Engineering are able to both dream up wild ideas, access the required materials and bring them to life – given that there’s a well-heeled benefactor behind it of course.

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Case in point, Russian billionaire and businessman Andrey Melnichenko who built two “A” yachts which is unlike anything the boating world has ever seen. This reiterates the fact that anything is possible in the world of yachting so long as you have the money to fund its conception.

But we digress. The CF8 is an 80m luxury craft designed to show off your most prized car collection. On the water. Because billionaire. The CF8’s design ensures that light flows through the boat’s interior freely via an elaborate glass wraparound. Inside the CF8, there’s a waterfall which funnels liquid gold water into its luxurious swimming pool. A floating waterfall in the ocean is something you don’t hear everyday. Driving your rare Aston Martin up to the deck for some fun in the sun? Even less so.

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