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Cocoon House Is Redefining Ho Chi Minh Cool

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Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city is renowned for many things. Markets, motorcycles, street stalls, noise and lashings of French colonial influence across the modern landscape.

One house however is sticking out in the bustling city’s New Urban area in ways that couldn’t be further from tradition. Cocoon House takes the original home’s silhouette of sloped roofs and injects it with some seriously cool and modern touches.

As another rare feature, the house also affords a garage at the front and a kitchen and garden space out back. The lounge and bedroom are masterfully decked out to ooze refined masculinity – just look at that Eames designer lounge chair.

Cocoon House inherits its name from the veneer of ventilation blocks which were constructed on the old balconies as a privacy barrier and a green space for nature to thrive.

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