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Stuck For A Valentine’s Gift? Crowd Fund An Airplane Banner


This Valentine’s Day, why not outdo all ex-boyfriends and give your loved one a gift in the sky, an airplane banner crowd funded by you and a bunch of other random men around Australia. The only catch? Your girlfriend’s name needs to be Prue.

One Melbourne gentleman slightly strapped for cash is using Kickstarter to crowdsource the funds to fly a banner above Melbourne that will read: “Happy Valentine’s Day, Prue. Love, Me.” The Kickstarter page, creatively titled ‘Prue-ve Your Love This Coming Valentine’s Day’ has already raised $888 AUD of its $2,500 goal with just 6 days to V-Day.

While the real Prue lives in Melbourne, you don’t have to live in the city, or state to make your Prue feel loved. The Kickstarter page mentions that “backers will get the time and location of the banner so they can plan their V-Day perfectly,” and if they’re not in the city they will “receive a link to a live Periscope stream to watch with your Prue anywhere in the world. Very 2016”.

Prue’s boyfriend, who said the idea for the banner came to him a few weeks ago at the pub (typical), also told Mashable he wanted to remain anonymous so other partners of Prues could claim the banner as their own, but sadly his cover has already been blown. Prue herself spotted the Kickstarter video on Facebook and knew it was her boyfriend despite his pixellated profile pic.

Prue’s boyfriend is sticking with the campaign, with the mantra “Alone we fall. Together we soar.” So romantic.

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