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10 Epic Portraits Of Your All-Time Favourite Actors

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1 of 10|Brad Pitt|Photography by Chuck Close in
February 2009.
2 of 10|Daniel Craig|Photography by Jean Baptiste Mondino.
3 of 10|Jude Law|Photography by Nadav Kander in 2013.
4 of 10|Christoph Waltz |Photography by Markus Jans for L'Uomo Vogue in 2011.
5 of 10|Jon Hamm|Photographed for Esquire 'Life of Man' in 2013.
6 of 10|Matthew McConaughey|Photography by Peter Hapak for TIME in 2014.
7 of 10|Denzel Washington|Photography by Michael Muller.
8 of 10|Damian Lewis|Photography by Ian Derry.
9 of 10|Javier Bardem|Photography by Richard Burbridge in 2005.
10 of 10|Robin Williams|Photography by Peter Hapak for TIME in 2011.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and for these iconic actors the saying couldn’t more accurate.

From a bloodied and bruised Daniel Craig, to a rugged Christoph Waltz, pensive Denzel Washington and no-frills Brad Pitt, we’ve put together a collection of epic portraits of some of our all-time favourite actors. Spanning from 2005 up to the last few years, these photos capture the laughter, personality and reality of the world’s most recognisable faces.

Click through the slideshow and revel in the authenticity of our silver screen heroes.

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