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Here’s The First 4K Footage From GoPro’s Upcoming Karma Drone

As the action cam market becomes increasingly crowded, GoPro is set to add a new weapon to its arsenal: the Karma drone.

To build hype for the upcoming device, GoPro tapped freestyle skier Bobby Brown to take it for a spin. Brown puts it through its paces at Aspen Snowmass in Colorado, giving us our first look at the 4K footage Karma is capable of.

GoPro has been tight-lipped about its latest project. There are no details, there are no pictures and there’s no release date other than “sometime in 2016, probably.” Even this video of the drone in action doesn’t actually show the drone itself in action.

With design, features and specs shrouded in mystery, footage is all we have to go by. Brown doesn’t disappoint. He and a team of fellow skiers hoon down the slopes of Aspen, performing choreographed (and questionable) acrobatics along the way. The most interesting moment comes around second 30, when GoPro carefully edits the Karma drone’s reflection out of Brown’s goggles. The mystery continues.



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