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Hipster Men Are Drinking All Of Australia’s Rosé


Once a girly, pastel pink treat for the ladies, Rosé has come leaps and bounds in recent times. In fact, sales of the wine have soared with an estimated 5% surge over the past year and from an unlikely source: hipsters.

Yes, that’s right. The beard-grooming, beanie-clad hipsters of Australia have taken a strange liking to Rosé and wine producers have caught on, tailoring packaging to suit. Kim Tyrer, CEO of Galafray Wines in WA’s great southern wine-making region, told ABC the wine itself has undergone some big changes as well.

“Rosés have really developed as a style of wine,” Tyrer said. “They are no longer cheap, sweet wine traditionally reserved for an entry-level wine drinker. They come in different varieties, and the wine industry itself has been very innovative in promoting that.”

It’s not just the hipsters that are getting on the pink wine bandwagon either. Male drinkers have been quick to embrace the new improved Rosé due to its easy drinkability. Known as ‘Brosé’, gender stereotypes are being thrown to the wayside with more and more men adopting the ‘Pink Mistress’ as their wine of choice.

Clearly, real men drink pink.



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