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Hottest Motoring News Of The Week [04.02.16]

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1 of 6|McLaren Garage
2 of 6|Honda NSX
3 of 6|2017 Audi R8 V10
4 of 6|2016 Ferrari FF
5 of 6|2016 Ferrari FF
6 of 6|Lotus Esprit

Welcome to your your weekly hit of motoring news done right. If you’re a supercar fan then this week is a sure hit for you as it’s crammed full of performance car goodness. From the McLaren garage to Ferrari’s next AWD supercar to Audi’s R8 V10, we highly recommend you’re wearing two pairs of underpants.

#1 McLaren Open Their Garage Doors

Ever wondered what the garage of a British supercar maker looks like? 11,832hp. Deemed “The Workshop of Wonders” by the McLaren group, the photo album showcases the many variants of the ridiculously exclusive P1 GTR – a car with a price tag of US$3.1 million. Owners of this special car have the option to store their vehicle at McLaren’s private facility when it’s not on the track. When needed, McLaren will ship the car to any track of your choice with more than 80 tonnes of support equipment. If you had doubts on where those millions were going, now you know. Only 40 McLaren P1 GTR will be built.

#2 Watch The Superbowl Ad For Honda’s NSX

Sleek, stylish and woefully American. Then again it is built in the U.S and the ad spot is for the upcoming Superbowl. Watch as Honda/Acura spruik their latest advanced supercar which took over a decade to bring into production. Some have said it to be underwhelming. Others have said it’s too darned expensive for a Honda. Regardless, it looks cool and NASCAR owner Rick Hendrick just bought one for $1.2 million. Yikes. We’ll take the Civic.

#3 Audi Goes To Space With 2017 R8 For Superbowl

Another supercar, another Superbowl ad. This time Audi is pulling at the heart strings of a retired astronaut who finds solace in driving the latest R8 V10. Exaggerated? Perhaps. At least the new R8 looks and sounds like a spaceship.

#4 Ferrari Teases Latest FF

The black swan of the Ferrari group is no doubt the AWD FF. It has four seats and enough traction to take a small family through the snow fields – in a Ferrari. No official word yet on the specs but word on the street is that it’ll use the same 6.3-litre V12 which will output 700hp, up from the current model’s 651hp. The new FF will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1. From the teaser it looks to be sporting a redesigned front end with slimmer headlights. Off-roader Ferrari? Believe it. Watch the current model below.

#5 Lotus Esprit Light Rider

The Lotus Esprit is widely considered the forgotten supercar. Born in the ’80s, many models either ended up in British museums, collectors’ garages or the junkyard. This particular one came from the latter camp. Petrolicious tracked down its owner and retold the story of how a neglected and forgotten supercar from the golden era was resurrected.




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