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Hottest Motoring News Of The Week [11.02.16]

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1 of 7|McLAREN 650S GT3
2 of 7|McLAREN 650S GT3
3 of 7|McLAREN 650S GT3
4 of 7|1957 Ferrari 335S
5 of 7|Nissan Winter Warrior Concepts
6 of 7|2016 Ford Focus RS
7 of 7|Sherp ATV

Food, water, shelter, cars. This is the priority of the modern man and we’re glad to say that we’ve got the goods to make you a very happy man today. McLaren will be bringing their 650S GT3 race car to Geneva, Nissan debut their Winter Warrior concepts without wheels and Russia shows you how to build a real four wheel drive.

#1 McLaren 650S GT3

McLaren are on an absolute winning streak with their recent win from the hotly contested Bathurst 12 Hour in a 650S GT3. The timing couldn’t be better as the global arm of McLaren GT celebrate stellar wins from over four continents in their latest stint of racing. The wins will culminate in McLaren delivering more cars to 2016 championships from around the world, whilst the track-conquering 650S GT3 will be on full display at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Watch McLaren take the chequered flag at Bathurst in the video below.

#2 1957 Ferrari 335S Sells for Almost US$35 Million

No, we did not add a few extra zeroes to it. The vintage car market is an elusive one; find the right one and you’ll be dropping a pretty penny for it. One fine example is this immaculate 1957 Ferrari 335S that recently sold for almost US$35 Million at an auction. What makes this particular prancing horse so special? This is chassis 0674 which was driven by Sir Stirling Moss and won the 1958 Cuban Grand Prix, came second at the Mille Miglia and recorded the fastest lap at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Funny fact: it’s not even the most expensive car to cross hands at an auction.

#3 Nissan Warrior Concepts

Nissan are again showing off the vast capabilities of their SUVs the best way they know how. By dropping conventional wheels for Dominator snow tracks and letting a trio of their Murano, Pathfinder and Rogue models let rip on the alps. The video results are no doubt fun to watch but there is a bit of bad news. Nissan won’t be offering these models with snow tracks at their dealerships. Sad face.

#4 Ford Shows Off Rally Cars Of The Past

Evolution is a word often tossed around too freely. For Ford, this is certainly not the case as they run punters through the meaning of the company’s famed RS moniker in a special tribute video. The story begins with the1970 Escort AVO RS1600 RS Twin Cam, a time which quickly cemented the Rallye Sport name as the one to fear in European rallying circles. In 2016, the RS name culminates to the fiercest road going version of the Focus hatchback yet, the Focus RS. Watch on as Ken Block jumps in the pilot seat.

#5 Russians Build The World’s Toughest 4WD For US$50K

The Russians are known for braving the cold with the help of Vodka. Now they have the help of SHERP ATV. The monster of a 4WD can climb over obstacles that stand at 27.5 inches tall and can even swim through shallow water with the help of its self-inflating tyres. A car of this dimension doesn’t run on battery juice though. Alexei Garagashyan’s creation weighs in at 1,300kg without fuel and packs a Kubota V1505 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine 44hp which isn’t much in the power department, but it’s good enough for climbing things – slowly. The truck will do 45km/h on land and 6km/h in water. Watch it in action below.




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