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Leonardo DiCaprio Is In Trouble For Vaping At The SAG Awards


Leonardo DiCaprio, well-versed in the art of giving zero fucks, attended (and cleaned up) at last week’s Screen Actors Guild Awards and in between getting up to claim his Best Actor award, sat at his table vaping all night long.

Some thought ‘legend’, others thought ‘dickhead’. Needless to say, the American Lung Association weren’t too happy with DiCaprio’s smoke show and have described the actor’s habits as “deeply troubling”.

According to the Association, using a vape pen like Leo’s is legal within ‘theatrical production sites’, but is not cool anywhere else in LA. They’ve also scolded the Revenant actor, arguing that his vaping offense exposes those around him to cancer and other ‘secondhand dangers’. leo

Yay or nay to Leo’s love of vaping?

[via Complex]


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