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Mark Zuckerberg’s Style Inspired An Entire Fashion Collection

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Would you consider Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg somewhat of a fashion icon? We’re gonna take a punt and say no. With his distinctive grey hoodie, dad jeans and slides with socks combo, Zuckerberg isn’t exactly the perfect image of style, yet one fashion designer has channelled the unlikely influencer, and taken his questionable style from the news feed to the catwalk.

Uri Minkoff, brother of womenswear designer Rebecca Minkoff, showed his men’s fall 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week and revealed that his main source of inspiration was Silicon Valley and its young billionaires, like Mark Zuckerberg.

“When designing this collection I was like, how can I get tech guys to start dressing like this?” he said to Mashable. “I’m a big techie and worked at a software company for 10 years. So it’s about moving forward.”


Posing the question, “How could I help Mark Zuckerberg up his shoe game?”, Minkoff designed a range of slip-on shoes modelled after the Facebook founder’s infamous slides. The result? Fur-lined shoes resembling Ugg boots (except cropped at the ankle) that Minkoff recommends with jeans, slacks or a suit. “I want to up that Silicon Valley mentality.”

The collection also features slick, tailored trousers, peacoats, leather jackets and overcoats, as well as sparkly and coloured bags Minkoff plans on gifting to Zuckerberg himself. “I need to make a dad bag version of it for him. I need to do that, like, right now.”


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