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5 Pendant Lights That Will Add Masculinity To Any Space

Here are 5 Pendant Lights that are so damn sensational that even the sanest of men would sell their souls for them. All functioning as lights and as sculpture, we know you will either aim to acquire or simply admire them all.

Pendant Lights, if you aren’t already aware, are lights that hang or dangle down some distance from the ceiling where they are fixed. Their dropped nature adds an unforgettable sense of dimension and creates an instant focal point of admiration in any space.

It doesn’t matter if you believe your interior is flawless or completely void of all style, these show-stopping pieces will indefinitely catapult you right to the front of those golden gates of interior heaven.

#1 ‘Crown Major’ By Nemo


Reminiscent of “Composition 10” by artist Piet Mondrian, this die-cast pendant light comes in polished aluminum, opal white, brass and also black – gotta love a bit of choice. Showcasing a sense of energetic variety, this pendant also has a very balanced and masculine feel about it.

Recommended Placement: Above your dining table.

Price: $3,700/BUY

#2 ‘The Pour’ By Design Haus Liberty


With an international presence, you will find these bulbs installed in places from Seoul to NYC. These glass teardrops are individually hand blown by artisans in the UK, with each liquid-like bulb featuring a unique shape, their shadow casting watery droplets. These lights were made for the gent with a bit of flair, someone who isn’t shy to forge their own way. Hang these in your own format and chosen quantity. Staggered, even or randomly dropped, they are a real stand out.

Recommended Placement: If your lucky to have it, compliment the architecture of your place by dropping these into any ceiling voids in the entryway or stairwell.

Price: $TBC/BUY

#3 ‘Link Porcelain’ By Apparatus


Carefully handmade in collaboration with ceramicist Alice Goldsmith, the Link Porcelain Pendant explores the contrast of the fragility of ceramic and the strength of a chain. In vogue and with meaning, you may as well have an artist’s statement mounted on the wall below these beauties.

Recommended Placement: Above your bedside tables.

Price: $6,600-8,000/BUY

#4 ‘The Doo-Wop’ Available At Living Edge


Formerly known at the ‘Navy Pendant’ this light was originally designed and manufactured in the 50‘s and was known for being featured in the buildings of the Danish Navy. Hand spun, a fine rolled edge gives the shades a special optical volume. This version is very close to the original, but with updated colourways.

Recommended Placement: In a set of 3, above your kitchen counter or island.

Price: $1,190/BUY

#5 ‘Modo Chandelier’ By Roll & Hill


Inspired by off-the-shelf parts typically found in inexpensive lighting stores, the Modo light is quite clearly painstakingly engineered and custom CNC-Milled from solid aluminum. The process and story of creation holding a certain masculinity that is balanced out in it’s final sophisticated look. Quite jaw-dropping really.

Recommended Placement: In your living room.

Price: $TBC/BUY

How Low Do You Go?

To save any confusion, either take some advice from your electrician or stick to the following rules:

  • Pendants above dining tables should be hung 1.5-1.7m from the floor.
  • Pendants used as task lights (i.e. above a kitchen bench, bedside table) should be hung 1.8m from the floor.
  • If you want to really mix things up or you have the option to cluster a few lights, try hanging them at varying heights. This can work really well above a round table, in the corner of a room or in a stairwell.

Good enough for a gallery, we believe these Pendant’s are also good enough for a sharp gent like you.

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