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The Million Dollar Race Bike You Need To Drop 10kg To Ride

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If someone called the Isle of Man record-holder John McGuinness fat, then you’d probably punch that person in the face and show them this video.

Although one coveted Japanese bike manufacturer is doing exactly that. Sort of. In 2015 Team Mugen built an electric super bike for the TT Zero electric bike race on the famous Isle of Man circuit.

John McGuinness piloted that two-wheeled monster to the chequered flag and in 2016, the desire to hold that title remains. On one condition – Mugen believes that the ‘Morecambe Missile’ will have a better chance of winning this year if he loses 10kg of excess fat.


As an incentive, Mugen will build a brand new version of their one million dollar Shinden electric bike. That’s a lot of coin for a battery pack and two wheels, but the bragging rights are understandably priceless.

According to Motorcycle News, McGuinness has been asking his bosses for a Mugen Shinden to add to his garage for years. The fifth generation of the Shinden is slated to be unveiled at the Tokyo Morocycle Show in March so the bike’s specs are not yet known.

What we do have however is a quote from McGuinness saying that, “the new one is even more trick – it might even be a little beyond me!”

That’s no light statement coming from the fastest man on the track. Watch the video of the 2014 lap record from John McGuinness below. The bike sounds like a spaceship.


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