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Necker Cup: Play Tennis With The Pros On A Billionaire’s Private Island

Who amongst us can honestly say they have never wanted to party with Richard Branson on his private island? For 359 days a year, it’s a pipe dream – but for the other six, it could your reality. Welcome to the Necker Cup.

Leave it to Sir Richard to launch the world’s most opulent and exclusive tennis tournament. The Necker Cup is six-day/five-night, all-inclusive, world class Pro-Am Tennis event, hosted by Branson himself on (where else?) Necker Island.

Sixteen ATP/ WTA Players and Legends are paired up with sixteen amateur teams of all levels. Teams are composed of one pro and up to two amateurs, and a handicapped scoring format is used to keep the field competitive. Teams compete to win their bracket and earn a chance to play in the Necker Cup Finals.

Of course, an event held by a notoriously over-the-top billionaire doesn’t stop there. In addition to the tennis, participants can take full advantage of everything Necker Island has to offer, including paddle boarding, sail boat races, kite boarding (Sir Richard’s favorite), wake boarding, snorkeling, massage therapy, parties and more.

Sound good? We thought so. The 2016 Necker Cup is scheduled for November 14 – November 19. Visit the website to learn more, request a brochure, and reserve your spot.

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