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Neuw Asks You To Wear Your Jeans With Purpose This Season

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Who doesn’t live in and love their favourite pair of jeans? Denim is a style staple of any modern man’s wardrobe, but this season Neuw asks you to wear your jeans with purpose, to wear the scars and repairs of your journeys.

Jeans tell the tale of the places we’ve been, are the uniform of the rebel, the staple of those who chose a life less ordinary, a part of every subculture, counter culture and youth movement. To reflect, Neuw’s “Wear With Purpose” campaign was shot in New York City and features models Louis, Brett and Nathan in the new Hell, Lou and Iggy skinny styles getting cheeky, creative and playful on the streets.

As part of the brand’s new campaign, Neuw have travelled the globe to connect with like-minded, creative people who wear and love jeans, and explore their passion and purpose.

The brand itself puts it quite eloquently as well. “Purpose conjures an image of an individual who is not defined as an unattainable rendition of the perfect man – but rather is shaped by the actions he takes and the mark he leaves behind. It is only through the struggle of radical self-expression and a bottomless well of passion that Purpose is discovered.” Deep.


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