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New Dubai Towers Will Have Indoor Rainforest And Manmade Beach

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It’s the land of solid gold toilets and Lamborghini police cars, so leave it to Dubai to build one of the world’s most decadent developments.

The US$550 million Rosemont Hotel & Residences will be the first buildings on the planet to boast their own rainforest. The 75,000-square-foot (6968-square-metre) jungle comes complete with a splash pool and cafe, and will use only recycled water collected from condensation. It will also feature an artificial beach that doesn’t have sand.

In total, the project will consist of two towers rising over 50 stories each. One will be a hotel, the other will be serviced apartments. The magnificent presidential pad is set to have its own private spa, sauna, Jacuzzi and swimming pool with waterfall feature. Other perks of the resort include an infinity sky pool with a glass bottom, a bowling alley, a nightclub and robotic luggage handlers.

The Rosemont Hotel & Residences is slated to open in 2018. Read more at Business Insider.


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