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Nissan Has Designed Self-Parking Office Chairs For The Lazy Businessman

When you’re a man on the go, with too much to do, in too little time, who needs the stress of having to push your own office chair back into place after a tiresome meeting? Clearly, in 2016 ain’t nobody got time for that. So the Japanese innovators over at Nissan have come up with the solution: self-parking chairs.

The Intelligent Parking Chairs, you can watch in the video above, use a system of wireless signals, ceiling-mounted, motion-detecting cameras and a circular chassis with wheels at the bottom of each chair, similar to a one of those fancy floor-cleaning Roombas.

Instead of rushing around the boardroom table wheeling chairs back into place, all you have to do to activate Nissan’s Intelligent Parking Chairs is simply clap your hands. The chairs snap to life and arrange themselves back under the table to assigned positions.

From self-parking chairs to self-parking cars, life for the modern man is about to become way too easy.

[via Mashable]


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