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OK Go Shoot Latest Mindblowing Viral Video In Zero Gravity

Alternative rock band OK Go have spent the last decade producing mind-boggling music videos. From the treadmill choreography of “Here It Goes Again” to the massive Rube Goldberg Machine in “This Too Shall Pass“, the band consistently ascend to insane new heights.

OK Go’s latest music video, which accompanies the tune “Upside Down & Inside Out”, takes ‘new heights’ to its most literal level. The outlandish clip sees the band perform in zero gravity – with no camera tricks, no green screen, no wires, just a very special plane that’s used to simulate weightlessness for astronauts.

How did this single-shot wonder come about? The routine reportedly took months to plan. OK Go spent three weeks at Russia’s Cosmonaut Training Center, preparing over the course of 21 flights in the reduced gravity aircraft (aka the “Vomit Comet”). Filming took another eight flights and a total of 58 puke events.

Unsurprisingly, the colourful (and batshit crazy) spectacle began breaking the internet as soon as it dropped. Not even two full months into 2016, we have a strong contender for coolest music video of the year. Your move, Bieber.


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