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Paul Smith Offers A Closer Look At His Bespoke Land Rover Defender

Last year, Sir Paul Smith and Land Rover teamed up to create a bespoke Defender. The one-of-a-kind D90 puts the designer’s eccentric and colourful aesthetic on four military-inspired wheels – a combo that’s impossible to miss.

This year, in honour of London Fashion Week, Smith and Land Rover are at it again. This time they’ve released a short film that showcases the car, the designer’s creative process, and his long-time appreciation for the quintessential sport utility vehicle.

“When I got asked to do a Paul Smith Defender, I was delighted,” Smith says. “I’ve been driving one for many years. I love the simplicity of them and the fact that they’re so utilitarian.”

Of course, in Sir Paul’s creative hands, the Defender gets more stylish than sporty. His interpretation features a palette of 27 colours on the exterior panels, plus an overhaul of the interior. There are even artistic details to be found – a hand-painted bee graces the roof and a set of painted Land Rover keys are concealed in the glove box.


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