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How To Get Pharrell Williams’ Style

If Pharrell Williams isn’t already an icon of the modern entertainment industry, he is fast on his way to becoming one.

Beginning life making beats and playing in the school band where he met his best friend Chad Hugo (with whom he would later form The Neptunes), Williams was forging a musical career that would define his illustrious place in the industry decades on.

As a singer, rapper, instrumentalist and performer back then, Williams was talented. As a renowned music producer, the owner of three clothing labels, a judge on The Voice, a children’s book author, an Adidas sneaker designer, a movie producer and a philanthropist, he’s at the top of his game.

Today we’re showing you how to master this musical maestro’s style.

Breaking It Down


Showing one how to get the Pharrell Williams’ look is like trying to predict the weather a decade in advance. The man’s musical genius often spills into his expression of fashion and as such, it’s a constantly evolving beast.

In the past, Pharrell has touched on everything from classic American streetwear, to neo-Japanese punk, to luxe designer pieces, to denim of all cuts. He could quite literally write his own fashion bible, but for the sake of your sanity (and ours), we’re just going to take a look at some of our favourites.

Think cool tuxedos teamed with shorts, intricate coat work from the industry’s most innovative designers and the freshest weekend threads you can throw together with ease. This is the gist of a Pharrell Williams wardrobe.

Coat Wars

Pharrell Williams coat

Williams is a sucker for an extravagant coat. He’s not afraid of bright colours, patterns or some zany layering to get the exact effect he’s after in an outfit.

Given that he’s long been a fan of Japan and its quirky fashion, you can often find him in the latest Japanese designer wear like Junya Watanabe’s patch coat, a royal blue renaissance/military coat or a funky trench number finished in pink.

Pulling this look off is not easy as it requires the careful selection of contrast longline pieces to give the outfit the volume and pop it deserves. Pharrell works every piece down to the finest detail and polishes it off with matching shoes. From colour-matched slip ons to sneakers to leather boots, it’s all a game of matchy-matchy when working around the coat.

Score this look by planning in advance and laying out each look out as it’s a fine line between fashion and fail. And don’t forget the accessories such as sunnies, hats and jewellery.

Red Carpet N.E.R.D

Pharrell Williams Suit

Williams is no stranger to the red carpet having won countless awards and accolades over the years. One way to describe Williams’ red carpet style is unorthodox. Not in a tacky sense, but in a very original and pioneering way.

Besides his grey tux matched with black trousers and moonlight navy dress shoes, Williams’ formal dress attire is usually pretty wild in colour and restrained in design. By that we mean he tends to follow the conventions of a classic tux but he enhances the look with bold colours and daring shorts.

If you’ve got the balls to try out this sophisticated look, make sure you’ve got the perfectly matched shoes to go with the suit otherwise you’ll be in a world of pain.

White tux? White sneakers. Camo shorts? Green sneakers. You get the drift. Keep it clean, keep it consistent, keep it classic and add a dash of colour.

Jacket Maestro

Pharrell Williams jacket

If you want to dress like Pharrell, you’ve got to rock a mean jacket like him. Versatility is Pharrell’s strength here as he’s able to afford an endless arsenal of jackets to suit any look.

You might not have that privilege but you can definitely take some inspiration from Pharrell’s choice in patterns for the popular varsity jacket. Pharrell likes to change things up between psychedelic tribal patterning, oriental patterning and denim in various washes. All three jackets are easily contrasted against a white shirt to ensure the attention remains squarely on the jackets.

Fitting is also a key to this look so ensure the baggy ’90s are left way behind. Pairing is just a simple case denim bottoms with sneakers, chukka boots or dress boots. You can also opt to roll up the leg cuffs to show off any cool socks you may have laying around.

Get Lucky Weekends

Pharrell Williams Weekend

Weekend warrior Pharrell Williams is the most relaxed iteration of the fashion icon you’ll ever see. It’s also the easiest to pull off. Slipping into comfortable outerwear such as cardigans, linen blazers, longline dress shirts and checked shirts, the 42-year-old makes this casual look work in his favour by using colour blocking and patterns – khaki and red, black and white with polka dot contrast, indigo with navy.

It’s a simple concept which takes little time to curate. On the bottom, it’s all denim shorts in your favourite wash for an effortless laid back look. Wrap up the outfit with slip ons or suede lace-ups and you have yourself a stripped back version of Skateboard P.

Feeling lucky, punk? You should be.

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