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Pornhub Is Trying To Save The Whales, One Video At A Time


First they were backing luxury fashion advertisements, now they’re trying to save the whales. Adult video site Pornhub now has an official philanthropic division called ‘PornHub Cares’ focused on furthering the charitable contributions of the site.

From February 13-29th, the porn site will donate $0.01 to non-profit organisation Save the Whales for every 2,000 video views it receives. PornHub’s average traffic means this could potentially equate to around $6,000 altogether or more if the word spreads.

“With PornHub Cares, we’ve been able to make a positive difference in the lives of others and this initiative is no different,” VP Corey Price said in an interview to PSFK. According to Price, terms like ‘blowhole’, ‘sperm’ and ‘hole’ are popular search terms amongst Pornhub viewers, so they thought, why not take the smut and turn it into something altruistic?

“We figured it only right to utilize our platform and global community to take a stand against the injustice that is going on in oceans around the world – the killing of whales for ‘scientific research’, overfishing and pollution.”

Pornhub Cares other charity campaigns include the hilariously titled ‘Pornhub Gives America Wood’ to support the environment, the Testicular Cancer Awareness campaign ‘Pornhub Save The Balls’ and the same for Breast Cancer Awareness ‘Save The Boobs’. Sharing happiness and a helping hand.

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