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Rare Whisky Is A Better Investment Than Gold

whiskeyThat expensive whisky you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Don’t touch it. Instead of getting you drunk, that bottle could be your retirement fund.

According to the Rare Whisky Apex 1000 Index, Scotch whisky “leads the way in a turbulent year for investment,” outperforming more common investments like gold, equities and oil. While wine fell by 0.4% and gold declined by 10%, whisky rose by 14% last year. The amount of whisky traded also grew significantly.

Andy Simpson, a whisky investment analyst and the co-founder of Rare Whisky 101, told The Guardian: “The recent growth in the rare whisky market has exceeded all our forecasts. The coming year promises to bring even more supply to the market as new auction houses appear.”

The older the whisky, the better. Even poor quality, but significantly aged, Scotch is becoming increasingly valuable for collectors – purely because the rarities become increasingly rare.

“While the sustainability of these volume increases could be called into question,” continues Simpson, “we know for certain that the true rarities will only become rarer. Should demand remain constant or increase, as is fully expected, Scotch’s credentials as a viable collectable and alternative asset class continue to look particularly robust.”


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