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Real-Life Mario Kart Race Lays Waste To A Mall

Being an adult is, in many ways, kind of a bummer. After a youth spent anxious to grow up, you get there and realize taxes and health insurance and paying rent aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

But every once in a while, even when adulthood has you firmly in its grasp, you catch a glimpse of that pure, joyful, long-lost child. This week, that moment is watching a band of full-grown miscreants dressed as Mario Kart characters hop on go-carts and wreak havoc on a London mall.

“The other day we got dressed up as all the Mario Kart characters and raced through Westfield Shopping Mall, on crazy carts, un-invited,” says the caption of the video, Mario Kart Flashmob, posted to YouTube by user Base37.

The cosplaying cads stay in character the entire time, even going so far as to crack out some of Mario Kart’s classic accessories. The local authorities don’t seem amused by their hijinks, but you will be.



The playbook for the modern man

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