Red Bull Racing Reveal Their 2016 Formula One Livery

Red Bull Racing have officially kicked off the 2016 Formula One season with the unveiling of their new livery.

The launch at London’s Brick Lane coincides with the team’s new partnership with sports apparel company Puma. Heavy matte blue and bright yellow accents adorn the new car as well as a giant Red Bull logo on the main side pod where the Infiniti name used to sit (they’ve moved over to Renault Sport).

Calling the new team kit “innovative, aggressive”, team boss Christian Horner was more than willing to spruik the outfit’s fresh wares on the stage.

“Over the years we evolved a certain look but with the clean sheet of paper we had this time we decided to do something very different,” said Horner.

“I think it will stand out on the grid and hopefully it will stand out in the mirrors of a few other cars. It looks right and things that look good tend to go well, so hopefully we’ll see that on track.”

The team’s new car for the season, the RB12, won’t be officially unveiled until a later date. The Red Bull drivers for the season will be Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat.

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