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Renault Returns To Formula One In Spectacular Style

The arrival of a brand new car for a brand new team in Formula One is already special. For Renault though, the return to the glamorous sport marks more than just taking over an existing team.

Renault Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn also took the occasion to unveil Renault’s grand motorsport plan across it’s entire name. From this this year Renault Sport will form the heart of a strategy with two pillars: Renault Sport Racing and Renault Sport Cars.

The first pillar will focus solely on the racing division and its activities including the newly formed Renault Sport Formula One Team. Renault Sport Cars will focus on the development and commercialisation of the Renault Sport car portfolio, delivering cars such as the Nurburgring-conquering Renault Mégane R.S.

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In a statement Ghosn said that “motorsports still spark the imagination of both enthusiasts and everyday drivers, and we are putting a comprehensive program in place today.”

“Formula 1 is a big part of our efforts to boost awareness of Renault, particularly in markets where Renault is a newcomer, and will enhance the transfer of technologies from the track to our road cars.”

That basically means there’ll be more fun cars from the French car maker in the future.

The 2016 Formula One season kicks off in Australia on March 20 with the new Renault Sport F1 machine, dubbed RS16, to be piloted by Kevin Magnussen and newcomer Jolyon Palmer.

The cool black and yellow livery harks back to Renault’s final years in the sport before they pulled out and also maintains the essence of the former Lotus team to which they’ve taken over.

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