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Ryan Reynolds Crashes Hugh Jackman Interview, Hilarity Ensues

The line between Ryan Reynolds and his Deadpool alter-ego, Wade Wilson, is becoming increasingly blurry. Reynolds recently hijacked Hugh Jackman’s Eddie the Eagle junket and shared the hilarious results on YouTube.

Most interviewers, when given the chance to sit down with a huge celebrity, prepare ahead of time and ask only the important questions. Reynolds, on the other hand, takes a different approach. “Some of these questions I may have written before I saw the movie,” he warns Jackman.

Naturally, banter ensues. Reynolds peppers Jackman with queries like “Do you do all your own acting?” and “Do you ever age?” while Jackman, ever the professional, serves up comebacks like a fast food worker serves fries.


Watch the two charming actors be their charming selves above.


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