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A Superyacht Like No Other: Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron

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You read correct. The Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron Superyacht is taking the the term ‘spaceship’ and turning it into ‘space ship’.

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking this is one of Darth Vader’s most formidable crafts, but it must be pointed out that the Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron has a ridiculously long name is a concept which actually follows the rules of nautical engineering and could sail our great oceans in the near future.

Look beyond the creepy pyramid-like structure and there’ll be a torpedo hull attached on the bottom via a single strut. Once in motion, the vessel looks like it’s levitating across the sea with mobility further helped by twin adjustable hydrofoils.


When in cruising mode, the superyacht rests on its three underbelly hulls where the sides also fold down to form decks. There’s ladders built in to provide easy water access whilst on the inside, guests can leisure in palatial-style opulence.

A floating Egyptian pyramid. Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday.

Interested? Head over to the designers here to leave your deposit.


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