Study Finds Sex Will Protect The Male Brain From Ageing


Just when you thought science couldn’t possibly add to the already mounting list of sex-related benefits, they’ve discovered another. According to a new study, the secret to staying young at heart and most importantly mind, is not kale and coconut juice, it’s sex.

In the study, Coventry University in the UK revealed that men, especially of an older age, who have sex regularly, have better cognitive functions and memory.

But how did they find that good sex = sharp mind? Researchers Hayley Wright and Rebecca Jenks tested 6,800 Brits with cognitive function brain games, and the results showed that men between 50 and 89 who got it on most often scored 23% higher on cognitive word tests, and 3% higher on number puzzles than the men who weren’t doing so well in bed.

It’s no surprise, really. Sexual intercourse releases a concoction of feel-good chemicals and hormones to your brain, particularly dopamine, the neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers.

Slow down the clock for sex and you’ll slow down the clock on ageing.

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