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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #64

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1 of 6|Microscape
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3 of 6|Razor Ripsurf
4 of 6|Drift Bench By Fernando Mastrangelo
5 of 6|Rimowa Salsa Multiwheels
6 of 6|Project Kahn End Edition Defender

When your humble man space lacks the cool, we’ve got all the goods to make it a winner again. Welcome to Shut Up & Take My Money, your weekly hit of the greatest toys money can buy. Grab your credit cards, put that wedding ring you’ve been saving for on the back burner. There’s fun to be had, gentlemen.

#1 Microscape

Never got a chance to visit the Big Apple? You shalt worry no more. William Ngo, the founding partner of TO+WN DESIGN has teamed up with the principal at AJSNY to create Microscape. It’s basically any iconic city you can think of shrunken down to scale to fit the palm of your hand. Or if you wish, they’ll also make you a big version in the form of an intricate 3D hanging artwork. Don’t think for a second these are toy displays though. These are architecturally-precise models of major metropolitan cities. Watch the Kickstarter video on their page to find out more.
Price: $TBC/BUY

#2 Pioneer Airbow

The power of a bow partnered with the accuracy of a rifle? That’s seriously badass. Depending on where you’re from, you might face some trouble getting this “toy” through customs. For those who can, you’ll have a formidable hunting tool in your sweet little hands. You can use it on targets or for hunting where legal and it’s obviously less noisy than a rifle. The Air Bow can fire eight full length arrows using just compressed air. It’s the Nerf for grown ups.
Price: $850/BUY


#3 Razor Ripsurf

Feed your inner grommet with the latest cool creation from Razor. If you were an avid surf boarder or skateboarder in the past, you can now relive those days and join the drift craze at the same time. The idea is to bring surfing to the city as you carve up the asphalt with this road-inspired surfboard. As such, controlling it is very much the same as a real surfboard by weaving it side to side. Watch the video to find out how it’s done.

Price: $129/BUY

#4 Drift Bench By Fernando Mastrangelo

Half art, half functional, the Drift Bench by artist Fernando Mastrangelo is a masterpiece in modern furniture design. It borrows from the Earth’s natural rock formation and us crafted using hand dyed sand (that’s not something you hear everyday), powdered glass, mirror and cement to replicate the variations in Earth’s sediment. Insanely beautiful. And likely very expensive to park your bum on.
Price: $TBC/BUY

#5 Rimowa Salsa Multiwheels

Rimowa’s famous polycarbonate Salsa Multiwheels receives a brand new matte finish in Carmona Red for 2016. Those who have the travel bug will know that Rimowa make some serious luggage which can withstand impacts better than their aluminium counterparts. For the light traveller, you’re also in luck. Rimowa make all their luggage in various sizes and each one comes with their patented flexi-divider system and multi-wheel system. Jet up.
Price: $TBC/BUY

#6 Project Kahn End Edition Defender

As the iconic Land Rover Defender production comes to a close, automotive enthusiasts who still have a soft spot for the boxy off-roader are releasing their very own special editions. British tuning company Project Kahn is one of these groups who have come up with “The End” edition Defender. It uses a 2.2 TDCI XS 110 Station Wagonas its base and really ups the creature comforts to make it a special send off.

On the inside you’ll get GTB quilted leather seats and perforated leather dominating pretty much everything from the sun visors to the glove box. A modified exhaust system also adds a bit of grunt whilst the suspension receives a good raise to accommodate the off-road mud flaps for a proper SUV look. On the external front you have a redesigned front grille, front bumper and 20″ Mondial wheels in satin black – just like the car’s paint job.
Price: $US80,000/BUY


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