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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #66

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1 of 6|Cigarette Racing Mercedes AMG GT3 Race Boat
2 of 6|Nissan Self-Parking Smart Chair
3 of 6|Rimowa Electronic Tag
4 of 6|Panasonic Lumix GF8
5 of 6|Where's Warhol
6 of 6|BMW Landspeeder Revival

We like to do cool toys a bit differently here at D’Marge. Your run of the mill gadgets make an appearance, but so too do the world’s most unattainable objects of affection. Think a Mercedes AMG boat alongside a Where’s Warhol book. Why? Because you’re worth it®.

#1 Cigarette Racing Mercedes AMG GT3 Race Boat

When every man and his dog own a yacht, it’s time to go one better. Enter the Cigarette Racing Team 41′ SD GT3, a boat inspired by the Mercedes AMG GT3 which was just unveiled at the Miami Boat Show. The wild water craft borrows the same styling elements from the car as well as a host of luxury appointments. Matte-finished components line the interior and exterior whilst the floor is finished entirely in teak wood. The seats even receive extreme marine grade leather and the latest technology like Bluetooth connectivity and the next-generation of the Garmin and Cigarette navigation and audio. Twin Mercury Racing engines power the luxe craft with 1,100 hp – enough to get you to 160km/h.
Price: $TBC/BUY

#2 Nissan Self-Parking Smart Chair

Known more for their supercar eating GT-R, Nissan have gone off and done something Japanese strange. Inspired by cars which can park themselves, Nissan Japan have created self-parking office chairs which slide themselves back in neatly into formation when the occupant leaves. Watch the video and wonder things like, ‘wtf?’ and ‘why?’ and ‘when’s lunch?’.


Price: $TBC/BUY

#3 Rimowa Electronic Tag

Rimowa are stepping into the future with a new luggage that does away with those tedious sticker tags between flights. The Rimowa Electronic Tag uses an E-Ink display which is set both in the same size and appearance of traditional tags but can be updated onto your luggage via Bluetooth. This essentially allows you to check your bag in the same wireless way you’d check yourself in. The real winner though is not needing to line up to check your bag in. Simply update the tag yourself and then dump it into an autonomous station. The Rimowa Electronic Tag is now available on the brands popular lines including the Topas, Salsa, and Limbo. Lufthansa flights will get to experience the auto check in soon whilst other airlines will follow.
Price: $TBC/BUY

#4 Panasonic Lumix GF8

Not much has come out recently in the way of vintage-inspired cameras, so Panasonic did us the favour of creating a brand new one. The retro-styled Lumix GF8 features a capable 16 megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor along with 5.8fps shooting speed, 1080/60p video and built-in Wi-Fi. For the selfie aficionado, you’ll be glad to hear that the 3-inch LCD screen can be flipped 180 degrees for flawless self portraits. The unit comes with 100Gb of storage on Google Drive and the external casing is wrapped in faux leather.
Price: $TBC/BUY

#5 Where’s Warhol

This kind of book needs no introduction. Made famous by a stripey guy named Wally, Where’s Warhol takes this same winning formula and applies it to one of this generation’s greatest artists. This is no cheap rip-off either as each of the book’s twelve scenarios were researched by art historian Catherine Ingram and brought to life by illustrator Andrew Rae. If ever you found art boring, this would be the way to change your perception.
Price: $14/BUY

#6 BMW Landspeeder Revival

Custom fabrication is nothing new to motorcycles. But one based on the record-breaking 1928 BMW R37 ridden by Ernst Henne? That’s just too damn cool. This version created by the Revival is likely to see a private garage or at the very least an exhibition space. The wild bike has no lights, battery and alternator since it’s designed for racing. And since this bike will just drag race and be a static piece, there’s no need for brakes. Right.
Price: $TBC/BUY


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