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Sweden’s ShareWear Lets You Borrow Designer Clothes Via Instagram


If you’ve got expensive taste but you’re slightly lacking in the cash department, or you just want to make a difference, Sweden‘s new fashion initiative ShareWear is your new obsession.

Did you know that creating a pair of jeans takes 3,800 litres of water? To promote sustainability in fashion, VisitSweden and the Swedish Insitute have launched ShareWear, a campaign that allows you to loan designer clothes, but only if borrowers pass them on via Instagram after a week.

ShareWear is all about inspiring fashion lovers to loan out their garments, rather than let castoffs pile up with no purpose.

All you have to do is comment on a garment featured on ShareWear’s Instagram to receive it, then make sure you put it back up for loan on your Instagram account a week later with the #sharewear hashtag.

“The idea was to inspire people to take a closer look at what the fashion industry or wearing clothes means for the impact that it has on our planet,” says Henrik Selin of the Swedish Institute. “The average Swede throws away 8 kg of clothes a year. [ShareWear] is not a proposal to alter the Swedish fashion industry, but to do things in a slightly different way, to introduce the option of actually lending people fashion and giving garments a second life.”

Fashion brands participating in the ShareWear campaign include Filippa K, Hope and Whyred. Check out the hashtag #sharewear for more.

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