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The Real Wolf of Wall Street’s Testarossa Is for Sale

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If you saw The Wolf of Wall Street, the car you remember is the ill-fated Lamborghini Countach demolished at Leo’s hands after too many ‘luudes. But there was another car, not seen in the movie, that was also an iconic member of Jordan Belfort’s stable: a 1991 Ferrari Testarossa.

That very same Testarossa is now for sale by the exotic car specialists at Monegasque Classic. “This V12 masterpiece [is] one of the most collectible modern classic Ferraris on the market today,” reads the listing.

Belfort bought the car new from New York Ferrari Dealership Kessler Motors (from Steven Kessler himself). It has since passed through the hands of two Ferrari collectors who kept it in peak condition.

The original factory White Testarossa has just over 8000 fully documented miles. It comes complete with its original service books, handbook and wallet with all its tools, plus a brand new set of matching luggage. Margot Robbie, sadly, is not included.


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